Welcome to the website of P.W. Kris-Max Agnieszka Dębska-Miszczak.

As a trusted partner on the railway market, our company has been selling spare parts for all kinds of locomotives and subassemblies for Hasler speedometers.

An additional area of our activities includes repairs and refurbishment of subassemblies of the rolling stock, e.g. valves, injection pumps, heads as well as repairs and periodic inspection of Hasler speedometers and manometers, including the issuance of examination certificates. Our business partners’ satisfaction is a priority for our company, which is why we do our best to provide top-quality services, which satisfy the strictest demands of our customers.

We invite you to become familiar with our commercial offer and we encourage you to send enquiries, to which we will respond quickly and will provide you with friendly and professional service.

We work for your satisfaction.