Our company offers professional periodic inspections and repairs of Hasler speedometers, such as:

  • Speedometers RT-9; RT-12; RT-13
  • Speedometers A-16; A28; A29
  • Speedometer transmitters

We also test single- and double-range manometers. We issue Examination Certificates for the aforementioned services.

Our offer also includes refurbishment of subassemblies, such as:

  • Hasler escapement mechanisms
  • Hasler converters/collectors

If it is necessary to repair a device provided for testing, we prepare a testing report for the client with the costs of subassemblies to be replaced.

At the Client’s request, we can provide replacement devices for the time of repair to eliminate downtime of the locomotive.

Our Client’s satisfaction is our priority, so we invite you to use our services!